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Capital markets

The brutal realities of the capital market mean that those operating in it need exceptional support. Support based on a good knowledge of the rules governing securities trading and an innovative approach to solving problems. There is more to the operation of a fund or company than simply being on the stock exchange. Comprehensive, state-of-the-art legal care for such an entity must cover all aspects of its operations, from minor employee matters to large, international contracts.

Our law firm provides such care to clients who trust us. The team of specialists we have created monitors the legal situation of the supported entities on an ongoing basis. We take an active part in planning the development of companies, but also in building their credibility and image, which are necessary during their presence on the stock exchange. In doing so, we are not limited to the Stock Exchange – we also assist entities on the NewConnect market and all types of financial institutions.

What we do?

With many years of practice built on a strong factual basis, we provide security for capital market players and financial institutions.

How can we help?

Capital market

We take all the necessary steps to list a company on the Stock Exchange or the NewConnect market. We prepare the documents necessary for a public offering of securities and list them on a regulated or alternative market. We have considerable experience in squeeze-outs, delisting companies and enforcing corporate governance rules in them.

Care of public companies

We provide full legal support to public companies, both in terms of their ongoing operation and planned investment activities. We represent public companies before the Financial Supervision Authority and in relations with the Stock Exchange and the National Depository for Securities.

Support for investment entities

We provide ongoing services to investment companies, investment funds and investment fund companies. We support our clients in the preparation, execution and settlement of their planned capital transactions.


Meet the team

Wiesław Łatała

Attorney-at-law, Managing Partner

Wiesław Łatała

Aleksandra Łatała-Kremer, PhD


Aleksandra Łatała-Kremer, PhD

Veronika Huplik


Veronika Huplik