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Corporate law

The situation of a company is made up of regulations in various fields of law – civil, commercial, criminal and criminal fiscal, tax or labour law. Assistance in the operation of such an entity must therefore encompass many different competences and take into account a higher than usual level of flexibility and availability of the lawyers involved. The business care offered by our team is based on building a personal relationship between the guardian and the company. Our aim is to ensure the legal security of the client, providing them with legal tools to facilitate their business.

Our services cover all stages of a company’s existence. We support our clients in establishing companies, changing share capital, carrying out investment activities and in the day-to-day operation of the entity. We have extensive experience in matters related to the formation and reorganisation of capital groups. We have repeatedly guided our clients through restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings.

What we do?

A company's security comes not only from its stabilised position on the market, but above all from the good organisation of its internal operations. We will help you to ensure that your company grows without stumbling blocks or scrapes.

How can we help?

Corporate care

We support our clients in choosing the optimal form of business, establishing, operating and liquidating companies. We draft corporate documents tailored to the company's needs, guide it through the process of changing its share capital and protect its intellectual property, confidential information, know-how and business secrets. We also provide support in handling board meetings and advice on the application of the business judgment rule.

Corporate litigation

The working methodology we have developed facilitates the avoidance of corporate litigation within the company. It is based on properly prepared corporate documents and the building of trust-based relationships within the organisation. In the event of a dispute, we assist the company or the members of its bodies in obtaining a favourable and quick solution.

Capital groups

We support our clients in the processes of merger, acquisition, division and transformation of companies, as well as in the creation of holding structures and capital groups. We prepare concepts, advise on the choice of the right form, prepare the necessary documents, and represent in registration proceedings.

Restructuring and insolvency

We guide our clients through the entire process of restructuring or insolvency. We assist in choosing the optimal solution, draw up the necessary documents, represent the client in relations with the Social Insurance Institution, tax offices and other creditors, and provide support in obtaining financing for the repayment of debts.


Meet the team

Wiesław Łatała

Attorney-at-law, Managing Partner

Wiesław Łatała

Aleksandra Łatała-Kremer, PhD


Aleksandra Łatała-Kremer, PhD

Veronika Huplik


Veronika Huplik