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Strategy and crisis management in a listed company

We have extensive experience in managing confidential information. We will help you assess when it is necessary to publish such information, as well as when you can delay it. We will prepare and implement a comprehensive strategy for the company’s communication with the capital market, shareholders, counterparties and the media. We are specialists in managing an insider information crisis – we will provide you with the necessary support to emerge unscathed from this type of trouble. We have drawn up documentation on insider information on many occasions and know how to ensure its proper security.

Our team provides assistance to listed companies at every level of their operations. We will support you against information security breaches, manipulation and hostile takeovers. We also provide legal assistance in proceedings before the Financial Supervisory Commission and proceedings related to corporate disputes. We will assist you in implementing the statutory obligations incumbent on a listed company and in asserting your rights. Our goal is the security and stable development of your company.

What we do?

We offer expert support in the preparation and implementation of the communication strategy of listed companies and in the resolution of crises, especially against the background of capital market relations.

How can we help?

The company's communication strategy

We will prepare the optimal strategy for a listed company's communication with the capital market and supervisor. The recommendations we prepare cover all relevant aspects of the company's activities, including the management of confidential information, the building of the company's image and the prevention of corporate disputes.

Management of confidential information

We provide ongoing advice on confidential information. We will help you identify such information and develop an optimal strategy for dealing with it. Our support includes publishing and delaying the publication of confidential information, implementing a security policy for this information and pursuing claims of unlawful disclosure of inside information.

Support in crisis situations

We are specialists in crisis management. We will prepare a comprehensive crisis management procedure for your company based on our many years of experience. We will support you at every stage of determining the causes and combating the effects of the crisis. We will draw up a proper strategy and recommend actions aimed at protecting your company's image and position on the capital market.

Relations with the capital market

We provide listed companies with support in building relationships with the capital market and the Polish and European financial supervisory authorities. We take part in shaping the company's image and facilitate the fulfilment of the information obligations imposed on it. We also represent companies in proceedings, including proceedings conducted by the Financial Supervision Authority.


Meet the team

Wiesław Łatała

Attorney-at-law, Managing Partner

Wiesław Łatała

Robert Wąchała

Of Counsel

Robert Wąchała

Aleksandra Łatała-Kremer, PhD


Aleksandra Łatała-Kremer, PhD

Veronika Huplik


Veronika Huplik