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Michał Piechota


Member of the litigation branch in Forton Legal. He specialises in corporate disputes, where he has had the opportunity to represent both minority shareholders and companies. He also advises clients, including foreign, in M&A transactions and other business-related activities. He is most comfortable with matters requiring knowledge of different areas of law.

He has been gaining his professional experience since his studies and had the opportunity to cooperate with renowned law firms in Warsaw and Krakow. He provided his services to clients, including foreign, from the construction, development and new technology sectors. During his professional practice he also had the opportunity to work as an in-house lawyer for one of the largest property development companies in Poland.

He is a member of the District Bar Association in Kraków, where he completed his legal training.  He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University. He is fluent in English and also speaks German.

He enjoys spending his free time in nature with a fishing rod in hand or cooking for family and friends. Enjoys reading reportages and listening to podcasts on historical topics. A fan of good music of all genres.

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